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I recommend the following material for GMAT preparation and LSAT preparation self-study or to use as a supplement to any other studies. Please note that I have not listed all GMAT and LSAT prep material, even though I admit to receiving a small commission for each sale. In other words, if I don't list a certain GMAT or LSAT prep book on this page, its because I find the material ineffective at best and deleterious at worst.

Do not purchase used test-material; the online access will have expired or it will be unlicensed.

If you see a picture, I consider it essential. If you see just a link, then I merely recommend it.

LSAT stuff: You really just need the most recently released LSATs along with my LSAT Games Explained DVD, The Next 10 Actual Official LSATs, and perhaps the Logical Reasoning Bible. Don't take the "Bible" too seriously (far too much material to learn) - just use it to fill in any blanks if you are struggling with Logical Reasoning.

GMAT stuff: Everyone needs the GMAT's 3 Official Guides. I like Manhattan because they provide 6 free online practice tests. I have also included a basic algebra book which is a fantastic math review.