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SAT Training

Although I can provide an entire SAT course, I strongly encourage parents and students to employ my services as a supplement to a commercial SAT course, whether the course is live, online, or primarily in book form. I recommend Kaplan, Princeton Review, or the College Board Online course. The key is for the student to have a rigorous structure with specific dates for practice tests. In addition, students are more responsive to multi-faceted SAT preparation, with various online components. 

SAT Math

I don't really teach math. And most of my strategies aren't unique. Instead, I specialize in training students to quickly recognize the math and effectively apply the right strategy.

The best way to get a sense of my training is to take a look at my GMAT math videos. The GMAT is the business (graduate) school entrance exam; the math is just like SAT math, just more challenging. Clickhere to see the videos.  

SAT Reading and SAT Writing

I combine these here because I have a basic, uniquely effective method for each section. They are easy to learn and I strongly suggest that students employ these methods over those taught in the commercial courses. Fortunately, students seem to like them quite a bit, at least as far as they can like anything about the SAT.